A clear and authentic mission can be incredibly powerful in focussing the ‘thinking’ and crucially the ‘actions’ of an organisation and its members to be more productive and mobilise resources to achieve a common aim. More than just a planning component, it can become a catalyst for change for an organisation.  Not only that but when the people in an organisation feel and believe in the mission incredible things are possible. 

This is why we continually review and refine our mission, why we exist as a business, what we do and how we do it.  

This has been a fundamental part of Xacom’s approach to its work and provides a deeper reason for the work we do.  We aim to change the lives of people and the organisations they work for in an environment of collaboration.

We are proud of our mission and here’s our very own definition of Our Why, How and What – 


To Collaborate, Engage and Educate so that successful outcomes can be achieved.


We Support & Direct.

We Educate & Inform.

We Install Confidence.

We inspire Possibility.

We Enhance Collaboration.


We build peoples relationships to information to enhance them to make better decisions.

We design & implement solutions to enable people to communicate effectively, avoiding disruption.

We bring communities together both inside and outside of the company.

We inform and inspire people through the possibilities of Project Control solutions.

We bring together solution delivery and organisational improvement.

We transfer expert knowledge to our delivery partners.

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